Acne Skin Care Tips

If you are like most acne sufferers, you might get obsessed with the whole wash your face regularly and avoid certain foods thing. Although the main cause of your acne is not due to poor hygiene or eating certain foods, in so many instances some factors tend to worsen you acne conditions, leading to more pimples (zits) on your face.

Proper acne skin care helps in reducing the amounts of breakouts on your skin. A number of skin experts and health practitioners are of the opinion that natural acne treatments are the best for reducing the intensity of acne lesions on the skin and tend to recommend the following acne skin care tips.

One factor that could worsen your acne condition is clogged pores, which results in more pimples on your face. Before you go scrubbing your face a million times a day, you should know that you have to be gentle with your face. Wash your face at most thrice a day, and you should use lukewarm water. Avoid soaps that contain chemicals and ingredients that damage your skin. Try using a mild cleanser. Remember to pad your face dry and avoid scrubbing.

I know you can’t help it. But hey!!! Keep your hands by your side, stop touching, squeezing, rubbing or picking your pimples and other lesions. In case you don’t know, doing that can cause severe acne scarring and more acne flare-ups. So simply put “get your hands off your face”.

If you are a guy, then you should be careful how you shave. Try and find out which razor type is best for your skin. Although I used to use electric razors when I had a lot of pimples on my face, but now I use “twin blades” shaving sticks to shave. Always shave gently to avoid scrapping your acne lesions, which could result in acne scars.

There is a type of acne that is termed “cosmetic acne” which is usually more prevalent in girls. Using certain type of cosmetics can worsen your acne problem or could even be the major cause of your breakouts. Oil-based (comedogenic) cosmetics are the major culprits in worsening your acne condition and you should stay clear of such. Try using water-based (non-comedogenic) cosmetics, which do not clog your pores.

If you are light-skinned (Caucasian), and you regularly sun-bathe, you might feel that a tan would look good on you by giving you a nice complexion and drying out your pimples, but you should try reducing the amount of sun exposure. When you expose your skin to high intensity sunlight, Ultraviolet rays from the sun would dry the outer layers of your skin resulting in it peeling off. Regular exposure to high intensity sunlight makes you prone to having skin cancer.

A very common argument among dermatologist, doctors and health care practitioners is whether diet affects acne or causes acne. Well there is one thing that is certain, a large number of acne sufferers know that there are certain types of foods that increase the amount of pimples (breakouts) on their face. I have noticed that there are some foods that when I take in large quantities I expect breakouts (pimples) in the next 5 to 6 days.

To prevent skin problems such as acne, white and dark spots and pimples, you should consider changing the content of your meals by including more nutritious foods. You can improve your acne condition by eating foods that are rich with antioxidants. These help in keeping you healthy by fighting heart diseases and slowing down cell regeneration. Fruits and leafy vegetables contain enough of these.

Doctors have always recommended that you take at least 10 to 12 glasses of water a day. Your water intake affects your skin’s health. Taking the recommended amount of water a day would make your skin healthier. Try reducing your sugar intake by drinking less sodas, and fruit juices. Instead take fruits; this will definitely prevent age spots and discoloration of your skin.

In addition to the following acne skin care tips that you’ve just read, you should try using an a system, which combats you acne problem from the inside and the outside. An excellent acne skin care product is the clear pores system which consists of a deep cleansing facial and body wash, protection cream and a herbal supplement that is guaranteed to fight acne inside the body.

Another very good product is Revitol’s acnezine system which also consists of a skin anti-Oxidant Capsules and a Moisturizing Crème, all to ensure that your skin is clear of acne. The acnezine system was what made my skin free of pimples. It seems the healthy pores system has so many testimonials to its effectiveness; it is also a wonderful product you can use in ridding your skin of zits.

Most acne sufferers would talk of tales of what acne did to them in terms of their social life and how clearing those little monsters off their skin have made life more enjoyable. If you suffer from adult or teenage acne, it is guaranteed that following these acne skin care tips and using an effective acne skin care product, you would have the smooth and clear skin that you deserve.

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