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Acne Medication: What Can Help You

Acne medication can be purchased in different types.  You can purchase over the counter products that are effective at relieving the infections on the skin and you can use a wide range of prescription medications that can also be quite effective.  You need to find out just what medication will work for you based on what needs you have.  And, you need to insure that you follow the treatment carefully so that it can work for you.  Then, the medication can really help to improve your outlook on life.

Medication:  Over-the-counter

Your first option is to use over the counter medications that treat acne.  These are really a wide range of products.  Some use alcohol like products to help kill the bacteria and cleanse the face.  Others are creams that fight the bacteria growing inside the actual pimple.  Still others are a combination of facial cleansers and subtle medication.  What you choose is up to you.  But, what you will find in most of these products is that they can only work if you follow their treatment instructions perfectly.  That is because bacteria can continue to grow and cause inflammation if they are untreated even for one day.

Medication:  Prescription

If the over-the-counter products do not work for you, you can often seek the help of a dermatologist to help you.  These individuals can do a wide range of things for you.  For example, they can help to kill off the bacteria that are casing the infection in the first place.  This will help the existing pimples to go away because the bacteria are dead and the skin can actually heal itself.  Another type of medication that will work for acne that is caused by over producing oil glands works by turning off the oil glands themselves.  By controlling hormone levels within the body, the medications can stop the production of oil and therefore make the skin unattractive to bacteria.

In any of these cases, to get rid of acne, you need to properly care for your skin and follow directions carefully.

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