Acne and Gluten: Do Grains Cause Acne?

Gluten is a protein found in most grains. It is the substance that gives bread the chewy texture and it gets its name from the gluey nature of its composition. Gluten is contained in bread products but can also show up in other non-related foodstuffs such as ketchup and ice cream because it is a commonly used thickening agent. It is also used in cosmetics such as lipstick and shampoo.

Celiac disease is a serious medical condition caused by the effects of gluten upon the autoimmune system. It can vary from a moderate condition that some people may even be unaware they have, to a debilitating illness.

Link between Acne and Gluten

Medical experts have also linked gluten to acne for some people. And if you are sensitive to gluten despite watching your diet, eating healthily and practicing a scrupulous skin care regime you will still suffer from outbreaks. Gluten is hard to avoid in a normal diet.

At base level, acne is caused by hormonal activity. This is the reason that most people suffer from it at times of hormonal fluctuations such as teenage years, the time of the month or the even the menopause. Hormonal activity causes excessive sebum production leading to blocked pores and spots.

If you are sensitive to gluten – and not everybody is sensitive to it, Gluten interferes indirectly with this hormonal activity. This is because it cannot be fully digested by some people and instead the proteins are absorbed into the body in a partially digestive state. The immune system kicks in to reject these “invaders”, the result is increased histamine levels, insulin activity, and raised blood sugar levels all, which affect your hormones.

Are you sensitive to gluten?

The problem with testing for gluten sensitivity is that it does not show up in a standard allergy test. Your doctor can identify celiac disease but gluten does not produce the standard antibodies that indicate sensitivity. However, some medical opinion suggests that up to 40% of people have sensitivity to gluten and that it not only causes acne but a range of other ailments as well.

Avoiding gluten clear up your acne?

You can try following a gluten free diet to see if this is the cause of your acne. Many people have found that they have drastically improved third acne by cutting out grains and gluten products. You can buy gluten free products in most supermarkets, including gluten free bread and beer!

Generally, a month’s trial will be sufficient time to be able to see if gluten is affecting your acne. Gluten sensitivity is not the cause of all acne conditions. Grains do not cause acne for all cases but many people will find that switching to a low gluten or gluten free diet will make a difference.

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