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A Little Bit about the Acai Berry

First, let’s talk about the acai berry. The acai berry is an reddish, purple fruit, related to the blueberry and cranberry, that comes from the acai palm tree. It is native to South and Central America. It is harvested in the rainforests. It contains anthocyanins and flavonoids, amino acids, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, and phytosterols. All of these working together aid the cardiovascular and digestive systems. These ingredients also help with muscular health. Acai berry also contains a large amount of antioxidants. Acai berry antioxidants may help prevent certain diseases, including heart disease and cancer. A diet rich in antioxidants may aid in the destructive consequences of aging and the disease process by actually neutralizing free radicals in our bodies. Some research has shown that the pulp of the acai berry has ten times the amount of antioxidants as red grapes, and thirty times the anthocyanins as red wine.

Acai Berry as a Popular Diet Food

You have probably been hearing about the many foods that are rich in anthocyanins, such as red grapes, blueberries, and red wine. All are being touted as anti-aging and good for the heart. However, studies show that acai berries have these same health benefits, maybe more, and help in weight loss.

The acai berry is becoming known as one of the best ways for reducing weight. It eliminates accumulated fat in your body. It increases metabolism, which in turn helps you lose weight. Acai berry is also an all-natural product and very affordable. The organic acai berry seems to be the solution for long-term results for many people who are using it on a regular basis in order stay fit and get rid of unwanted belly pounds. The best part is that acai berry is also delicious. It tastes like berries and chocolate mixed together.

Should I Try The Acai Berry Diet?

The Acai Berry diet is definitely worth trying. But, with so many places and people talking about it, you really won’t know how well it works until you try it for yourself. So, stop waiting and go see for yourself!

Do you love super foods? You know, those new powerhouse fruits and herbs that are all natural, offer immense health benefits, and just plain old taste great! As people in the United States and Europe try to improve their health, these super foods are making headlines. A new arrival on the health food scene is the acai, specifically the acai berry.

In your super foods, you want them high in antioxidants, saturated with good minerals, and common enough to find your favorite ones, especially fruits, in various products. Well, don’t look twice, because you may be seeing more of the acai berry in the near future in your drinks, mixed with granola, and even in your smoothies!

Want to know more about this amazing fruit?

Harvested in South America for hundreds of years, the acai palm produces the small and wonderful acai berry. The berry itself seems unremarkable, similar to a grape in size and appearance, but tastes wonderful and comprises 42% of the diet in regions where it is grown. The acai berry is tasty enough to be added to drinks, cereals, and even in ice cream.

The acai berry is considered an energizer by the people of South America where the acai palm is grown. Because the fruit has a slightly higher fat content in the acai berry, it is mostly found outside of the immediate region only freeze-dried or as a processed powder. This way it can be preserved and transported to other regions. Either way, you can be assured to get some form of the acai berry wherever you are from.

Aside from the berry itself, the acai palm yields many valuable byproducts. The leaves of the acai plant can be made into many useful items such as hats, baskets, and other common household items. The wood of the acai palm can also be used for construction.

One of the greatest benefits of the acai palm is that it is a tall palm that grows very quickly, thus replenishment of the acai palm supply is easy and quick. The world demands the acai palm and its fruit, and no harm is done in allowing the world to benefit from this!

And if you thought you’d heard enough about the wonderful acai palm and it’s amazing acai berry, it is good to know that the acai berry itself is very helpful as a weight loss supplement. Because it is natural and has been consumed for many, many years, you know there are no side effects to the acai berry. The acai berry helps you lose weight from the inside out, promoting more energy, more sleep, and encouraging a wonderful feeling of well-being. The acai berry also aids in digestion, helpful for breaking down the foods you eat and storing less fat!

Why would you wait to add this amazing little fruit to your daily routine?

While it seems like you could throw the acai berry into the huge pile of ineffective super foods on the market today, the acai berry is a proven wonder and a tasty one at that! Find out where you can find products with acai berry ingredients and kick start your life today. We would suggest checking out our acai berry product reviews on our homepage.

These days you get to hear a lot about the benefits of acai berry. It seems like the popularity of this tiny berry has really shot up in recent years. However, many people don’t even know what acai berry is and the history behind it! Oftentimes, people think that acai berry is some kind of medicine manufactured by medical science. The truth is acai berry is one of the most powerful fruits provided by Mother Nature. The secrets of the origin of this fruit lie deep within the Amazon forest and it has a fascinating history.

The Legend of the Acai Berry

The tribes of Amazon are revered world over for their deep knowledge of herbs and natural medicines. The legend of acai berry says that once there was a tribal chief’s daughter whose name was Iaca. Iacas father Itaki was facing a very serious problem at one time. The increasing population of the tribes had caused a famine of sorts for people and there was no food available. When the people went to Itaki, he ordered that in order to conserve the frugal supplies all the newborn babies to be killed. In due course of time, Iacas child was born and since there were no exceptions to the rule even for a chief’s daughter, her child was also killed.

Naturally, Iacas grief was immense and she was lost in the throes of depression. Once on a full moon night when she was thinking about her baby, she thought that she heard her baby cry. She went out and tried to search for the baby. She thought that her baby was lying under a tree that has numerous purple colored fruits. She was ecstatic with joy since she knew that this tree could feed her people and even save her daughter’s life. She held on to her daughter throughout the night. In the morning, the people of the tribe discovered her dead and holding the trunk of the tree and looking up at it.

As a result, the chief reversed his decree of killing newborns since the tree could feed the tribe and named the fruit after his daughter; Acai is Iaca spelled backwards. As time passed, people discovered many more health benefits of acai. Here are some of them:

  • Acai berry is known to enhance and speed up the metabolism and cause an increase in the energy levels.
  • It also helps in burning fat and weight loss.
  • Acai berry helps with digestion and detoxifying your system.
  • Insomniacs benefit from this fruit since it promotes a good night’s sleep.
  • Acai berry is a well-known antioxidant that helps in reducing the free radicals in the body, thereby inhabiting aging.
  • It is also beneficial in conditions and helps in strengthening the immune system.
  • IT helps in reducing the LDL or the bad cholesterol levels and enhances the good cholesterol.

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