8 Ways to Effectively Prevent Acne

Acne vulgaris is a disorder resulting from the action of hormones and other substances on the skin’s oil glands (sebaceous glands) and hair follicles. This leads to plugged pores and outbreaks of lesions that is commonly called ‘pimples or zits’. Acne can occur on the face, neck, back, chest or shoulders. Outbreaks of acne can be very terrible to the affected people. Severe outbreaks of acne can even lead to stays in hospital and can be devastating not only physically but also emotionally.

When acne is breaking out, it may appear as if you would never receive any relief from it, it seems as if it is getting worse every day. Acne normally presents itself in a variety of possibilities that make it difficult in getting rid of acne. It may appear in the form of a few whiteheads or blackheads, on the face, chest or back. When you observe one or two pimples you seem to feel that all is well and may relax. However know that it is at this time you need to take steps to get rid of the little acne and prevent new ones that might come in full force.

There are some things that you can do that would keep your acne away. Note that some of these steps have to be carried out continuously and are really very simple. Some of the steps might work for you and some may not. The only way you would know if any one works is to try it. You have nothing to lose except your acne.

Here are 8 ways that you can try to prevent your acne. They can be part of your everyday routine.

#1. Take vitamin supplements daily for the improvement of your general health and improving your skin. Eat a healthy diet everyday with lots of fruit and vegetables. Most fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly. Drink lots of water, it flushes your system which is important in getting rid of impurities present in the body. Drinking lots of water also helps in improving the elasticity of your skin.

#2. Use mild soaps to wash. However do not over-wash; since acne is not caused by dirt it will not go away due to excess washing and scrubbing. Use soaps that are pure Castile or pure glycerin based. Do not use deodorant or fragranced based bars. It is good to exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells but do not use harsh scrubs and over scrub.

#3. Keep your forehead and bangs or long greasy hair away from your face and neck. The additional oils from the hair products that you use would cause more oil to get to your pores of your face and neck.

#4. Do not smoke and try to stay away from smoking zones. Smoking/smoke produces free radicals that are harmful to your skin and body.

#5. Refrain from putting your hands on your hair and then on your face. Do not pick or squeeze your pimples.

#6. Sunlight may initially help your acne but it is not permanent. Consistent sun exposure/sun bathing would dry your skin and cause your sebaceous glands to produce more oil and cause skin to shed more old cells leading to a breakout of acne. If you can avoid being exposed to the sun, use oil-free sunscreen/products that have a SPF factor of at least 15 and are effective against UVA and UVB rays.

#7. Sleep for at least 7 hours a day. It helps improves your physical health and fights acne and helps your skin. This is because having a healthy, well-rested body helps build a strong immune system which not only helps you prevent acne but fights infection. So sleep well.

#8. Find an acne treatment that works and stick to it. Most people expect an acne cream or treatment to work within 3 days of using it without acknowledging the fact that the pimple or acne took about 2-3 weeks to appear and would not go away so easily. So when using an acne cream/treatment for the first time be prepared to use it for about 2-3 months before declaring that it is not effective. Most acne treatment available involve the use of benzoyl peroxide (e.g. include Revitol? Acnezine cream and spot gel, Proactiv? solution), Salicylic acid (Murad Acne complex?) or vitamins and antioxidants (Revitol? Acnezine skin antioxidant capsule which is aimed at tackling acne from inside the body).

Remember the best way to get rid of acne is to prevent it from appearing while effectively taking care of the present ones.

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