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7 Simple Tricks to Cut Down 500 Calories a Day


Losing weight needs your body to go into a state of negative caloric balance. You need to burn more calories than you consume. The calorie deficit forces your body to borrow some calories from the stored fats.

A diet low in carbs and unhealthy fats is a sure way to attain this state. But, there are some simple tips and tricks that can boost your efforts and enhance the calorie deficit by almost 500 calories per day! Let us have a look at them:

1.    Eat with your non-dominant hand

This one’s simple. If you are right-handed, start eating with your left hand and vice versa. Making this simple switch will help you eat less because eating with your non-dominant hand will force you to focus your attention on what and middle_age_couples_eating_570how much you are eating. This will ignite the health-conscious self within you to limit your food intake.

This happens because our eating is driven by the environmental cues and not by hunger as we tend to believe. We often eat just out of habit like eating a tubful of popcorn while watching a movie as if the hero won’t win in the end if you don’t eat popcorn!

But, when we switch the eating hands, our eating pattern is disturbed, and we become more mindful of the amount being consumed.

2.    Snack in the afternoon

Snacking in the evening instead of the morning can have a favorable effect on your calorie consumption. It is found that the mid-morning snacks are more harmful to the body and can result in more weight gain than consuming the same snack in the evening.

In fact, frequent small snacks in the evening can provide better results for losing weight. The possible reason behind this theory could be the fact that there’s not much time between the breakfast and lunch compared to the time between lunch and dinner.

Though the reason is not clear, studies have definitely found a link between faster weight loss and switching the snacking time from morning to evening.

3.    Pop a prune

Cravings can be very difficult to control. There are too many things that can trigger your taste buds to eat something delicious. Just watching the food commercials on television can be too tempting to resist the desire to munch on something. This adds too many calories to your diet.

prunes_plumsThough you cannot ban the food commercials, you can reduce your calorie intake by turning your cravings from junk food to something healthy, yet satisfying.

Just munch on an ounce of prunes whenever you feel like nibbling on something. It will not increase your calorie count, but actually subtract from your calorie intake with its high fiber content.

You can safely eat 5 to 6 ounces of prunes every day to lose weight faster and reduce your total consumption by almost 500 calories per day.

4.    Sniff an apple or a banana

The smell of food has immense power! It cannot just make you tempt for the food, but can actually make you feel as if you have eaten that food! It is surprising; but true! This is also the reason for why we don’t feel hungry when we are cooking all day.

But, you must be aware of the foods you should smell! Because the smell of most foods like grilling steak or baking bread can increase the desire to eat something. It’s only the scent of some foods like apples and banana that can suppress your appetite.

Some other foods that can reduce your calorie intake by suppressing your appetite with their strong smell are vanilla and peppermint.

5.    Dine with beautiful women or handsome men

If you are an overweight woman trying hard to control your calorie intake, dining with good looking men will actually bread-1053591_1280help you do that. And if you are a man trying to lose belly fat, make sure you have a beautiful woman to accompany you at dining to control your food intake.

You are bound to be conscious of your calorie intake in the presence of a person with a perfect body. This will prompt you to control how much you are eating.

Actually, the person need not be of opposite sex. You can dine with anyone with a fab body. Just looking at him or her will make you aware of your oversized body and unhealthy eating habits and provide motivation to correct them.

6.    Never eat in front of the TV

On an average, we consume almost 400 to 500 calories more when we eat in front of television than when we eat at a dining table. The reason being when you are eating in front of television, you don’t realize how much you are eating as your mind is focused on your favorite show.

You go on munching the food even after your stomach is full making you take in much more calories. Make it a habit of eating your meal at the dining table where you can concentrate on your food, which will help reduce your calorie intake.

7.    Keep cool

Another easy way to create a calorie deficit is by keeping cool. When your body is exposed to cooler temperatures, it drinking-water-filter-singapore-1235578_1280has to work harder to maintain the body temperature, which results in the burning up of more calories.

But, make sure you don’t freeze with cold. Keep your office or home temperature at about 62°F to 77°F to lose more calories while keeping yourself comfortable.

The same logic also applies to drinking cold or chilled water. When the water enters your stomach, the body has to burn more calories to raise its temperature thus allowing for a calorie loss.

Here are some more ways to create a calorie deficit:

  • Limit the salad toppings
  • Use smaller bowl and plates
  • Count the number of servings in your dish
  • Count your crackers and chips
  • Serve before sitting
  • Limit dinner guests
  • Eat a mini version of your favorite dessert

Just make these simple changes in your diet to create a calorie deficit of almost 500 units per day and lose more weight without feeling deprived of the good stuff.


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