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6 Power Strategies that Must be Used to Remain Youthful

Here are six critical age defying powers that every adult must be aware of and incorporate into daily living to stay as youthful as possible and get the most out life regardless of age.

1) You control the aging process? You are aware that seventy percent of the aging process is controllable and you refuse to buy into old fashioned models that have people ’slowing down’ and ‘taking it easy’. You feel it is a shame society encourages people once they get past a certain age to become and remain inactive and sedentary.

You will continue to live seamlessly in constant growth and learning, defying outdated traditions and customs that result in premature old age. You will decide how old you are going to be no matter how old you actually are.

2) You will live your functional age? You might be 45 but look, feel and move like a 25 year old or maybe you are 70, but look and feel like a 50 year old. You will live at the age you feel you are. You will continue to ignore your chronological age and will not allow it to affect or influence either personal relationships or business opportunities.

3) You will take action to protect your health and prolong longevity? You will place great importance on the necessity of a proper exercise program that is made up mostly of strength training exercise and interval training sessions. You will work with a fitness professional to squeeze every single bit of value from the time you invest in your exercise regime ensuring it delivers the ultimate results to your wellness and longevity campaign.

4) You will have total control over your destiny? By age 50 you will have a plan in place for a healthy, productive second life at retirement age because you assume you will live to be 100 or more. History has confirmed to you that in 1950, there were a mere 2,300 centenarians and today, you know there are over 40,000. So, you will be building your health so you can be one of the predicted one million people that will be 100 years of age and older by the year 2050.

You know you have much to gain in the second half of your life. You will maximize your overflowing bank of knowledge, skills and life experience, capitalizing and drawing upon them to create exciting, profitable and enjoyable new ventures of your choice.

5) You will avoid the ultimate social disease? The worst disease of all, it is self-inflicted and it is called retirement. You know that once you internalize that you are no longer productive, that you no longer have goals, decline sets in rapidly. Everything slows? movement, reaction time, walking, thinking and talking.

You know that old thoughts bring old behaviors and make you into an old person. You will not allow your mind and body to go into premature shutdown mode in preparation for the final event. You will not be going down this path and will rewire instead of retire, rejuvenate instead of decay.

6) You will control the symptoms of aging – You will not tolerate indicators of oldness such as a slow shuffling gait, poor posture and unattractive teeth. You will be investing time, effort, and money where it matters. If that means surgery to make you feel and look better so be it. Your high quality, anti aging eating plan, appropriate supplements and hormone replacements will keep you youthful, strong and disease free.

The passing years will not bother you; you will be excited and looking forward to new opportunities as you know that you have the strength inside to stay youthful, dynamic, and healthy. You know that being ageless is about power – the power of taking charge of your own health and well-being as this is the secret to control aging.

Start now as your future hinges on the lifestyle choices you make now? today – to preserve your mental and physical function for tomorrow.

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