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50 General Beauty Tips for Your Daily Beauty Needs

  1. Use olive oil on your hair 1-2 hours once every week. After 1-2hours wash out the excess oil that didn’t penetrate.
  2. Lemon is a natural hair highlighter!
  3. Use cocoa butter for flawless skin!
  4. Mix bronzer, liquid foundation, and lotion for the perfect tinted moisturizer.
  5. Use a foot exfoliate (like the foot scrub) once every week before you go to bed for zitless skin.
  6. Bananas are good for your complexion.
  7. Aloe gel tightens pores!
  8. Put Chapstick on your lips before applying lip-gloss or lipstick.
  9. Use normal mascara and then waterproof on top for better waterproof mascara.
  10. Brown eyeliner looks good with blue and green eyes!
  11. Use silicone products on wet or damp hair (not dry) for super shiny, soft hair.
  12. Use a blast of cool air on your hair while blowing drying to lock in shininess.
  13. Wear your hair up at least two times a week you’ll actually get fewer split ends!
  15. If your ends are dry, only shampoo your scalp.
  16. Once a week, go without a day of washing your hair to give your hair a break.
  17. Puckering gives you smoker wrinkles.
  18. Cocoa butter makes skin look pore less and smooth (great for legs too).
  19. Turn off the water while you shave so the soap doesn’t wash off. So you won’t cut yourself and you save water.
  20. Are you slouching? Stand up super straight or sit up super straight and you’ll look five pounds lighter!
  21. Create your own eye shadow base: Moist new, clean pressed powders puff with water. Then pick up some loose powder (translucent is best) with the puff. Apply lightly to the eyelids. Blend softly, let dry then apply your shadows on top. An instant eye shadow base that really works!
  22. To create amazing waves and texture in hair, create your own “texture spray” with a spray bottle of literally 3/4 water and 1/4 salt. Mix, and spray into dry hair light and scrunch. Just don’t overdo it because salt can dry out color, process and fried hair.
  23. Spritz perfume on your neck so when guys hug you they can smell it!
  24. If your scalp feels dry, condition it!
  25. Don’t let your hair get into your face while you sleep. It causes zits.
  26. Brush you hair regularly it makes your hair grow at least 2 inches a month!
  27. Licking your lips makes them dry.
  28. For thin hair get short layers, for think hair get long layers.
  29. If you have colored eyeliner, either line the bottom or the top NOT BOTH.
  30. Don’t constantly ask people if you look fat it will make them think you are!
  31. Going to an event or pool party? Do 200 crunches and 50 leg lifts to last-minute tone your legs and stomach!
  32. Don’t touch your face during the day, it will get oily!
  33. Use clear mascara on your bottom lashes so you won’t get smudges under your eyes!
  34. Baby oil or lotion is a good make-up remover.
  35. Don’t look into magnifying mirrors; it makes your minor flaws look huge.
  36. Nuts are good for you, but some say it’s bad for your skin?
  37. Drinking water is good for your body and skin! If you are going to camp or someplace dry.
  38. Put Vaseline on your lips so they don’t get chapped.
  39. Crest whitening mouthwash really makes teeth whiter!
  40. If you put eyeliner on the bottom of your eyelid and think it might smudge, take a small amount of light eye shadow and softly run it along the bottom of the eyeliner-line. The eye shadow will help the eyeliner stay in place and you will have a smudge free look.
  41. .Pure virgin coconut oil is wonderful for the skin and hair!
  42. Instead of using Chapstick for chapped lips, try this: Use your regular lotion. Just don’t lick your lips (tastes nasty).After about a day of regular use your lips will be back to normal.
  43. If you have problem bikini bumps follow the below steps: 1.loofah the area 2.shave the area 3.loofah the area again 4.use your face wash (unless it is a bar) in that area 5.rinse It may not get rid of all of the bumps, but it will definitely cut them back.
  44. Dry Hair/Split Ends?? If you are prone to dry hair or always get split ends try this trick: Buy conditioner for Curly Hair! Sounds crazy if you don’t want/have curly hair but curly hair needs extra moisture. Most of the time if you buy the type for “curly hair” it will moisturize your hair more than “moisturizing” conditioner. You will not get nearly the amount of split ends. I LOVE Pantene conditioner for curly hair but most brands should do the trick.
  45. If you have really bad dry skin on your hands try Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Hand Creme.
  46. If you have problem dandruff mix together 1/2 water and 1/2 Apple Cider Vinegar. Place the mixture on a cotton ball or something of your choosing and apply to scalp or even your eyebrows. This will zap problem dandruff!
  47. Apply a generous amount of Apple Cider Vinegar to a cotton ball and rub in any dry area of the skin. Make sure to keep away from eyes. You can also pour some Apple Cider Vinegar in a bowl and place your fingernails in the bowl and leave for a little bit. This will help keep cuticles from becoming dry and splitting. You may also want to make sure you are not going anywhere soon after doing this. It smells!
  48. Strawberries are natural teeth whiteners which can actually remove paleness and stain when rubbed over the teeth. However, one should brush one’s teeth with the fluoride toothpaste after this process. To prevent eye shadow from sliding off, before applying dab three drops of contact lens solution on each lid. Let dry for about 5 seconds then add your color. The sodium chloride in the solutions helps the shadow retain moisture making the color last twice as long!
  49. To get a perfect eyebrow shape, spend the money just once and go to a professional. After your hairs start coming back in, pluck once a day. This will keep the maintenance from getting out of control and you can keep perfect eyebrows without spending a lot of cash. **Plucking at night right before you wash your face is the best time to do it. The redness is gone in the morning and you wash away any stray hairs.
  50. A great shaving cream or gel alternative is actually hair conditioner. Buy the cheapest brand at your local store and use it instead of shaving gel or cream. It will leave your skin much softer and less cuts from the razor blade.

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