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5 Ways to Reverse Skin Aging

The fragile skin is predisposed to all kind of skin problems. You have to bring back the “power” of your skin so that it can fight external aging causes. To reverse the process you must keep using the next skin care tricks:

  1. Use anti-aging moisturizer. Moisturizers have ingredients that can increase the production of collagen. Still, you must select the best product. A part of them just supply synthetic collagen. You must read these ingredients: CynergyTK, Phytessence Wakame and Nano Lipobelle HEQ10.
  2. Consume supplements. You will need powerful backups to have your young looking skin again. You have to consume multivitamin supplements packed with vitamins C, E and A. These are the things that can help fix damaged skin tissues, create more collagen and avoid problems caused by the sun’s UV rays. On the same list try consuming omega-3 fatty acids. Studies say that, omega-3 fatty acids play a big part in the prevention of skin aging. These fatty acids assist in lessening the cellular inflammation. Inflamed cells die very fast. Meaning, skin aging accelerates.
  3. Consume more green and leafy vegetables. These vegetables are loaded with copper. Your organism needs more sources of copper to merge with the peptides in your organism. Copper peptides are vital for the enhanced creation of collagen and elastin. A constant and trustful supply of copper peptides can really help bring back healthy and elastic skin.
  4. Rest enough. Your organism needs enough rest so that it can restore its dying and weakening functions. You have to sleep about 8 hours every night. Also make sure you go to bed on time. Your bedroom needs to have a pleasant atmosphere so you don’t wake up in your sleep.
  5. Move every day. Few exercises can decrease the production of collagen. It can happen since toxins and excess fluid gathers in different areas of your body. Toxins have this tendency to hamper the renewal of collagen. You need to exercise every day to increase your circulation.

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