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4 Ways to Find Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Lately, it seems everyone is searching the market for the best anti-aging natural skin care products.  I know I have been, and it is because I am tired of chemically induced cures that leave my skin feeling raw, burnt, sensitive, or depleted of natural oils and moisture.

Buying foods that are all natural is certainly gaining popularity with tremendous speed.  Perhaps the popularity is due to recognition that natural foods have endless benefits, and therefore, are definitely better for your body.  The desire for natural products, other than food, is spilling over into all areas of our lives.  Luckily, some manufacturers are listening.  Personally, I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve been eating natural foods for most my life, but finding natural health and beauty products has been much more of a challenge.

Before the demand for natural anti-aging skin care products, I saw many manufacturers claim to have the best anti-aging skin care products available.  I tried the products that state that; because certainly, if they can state that, then it must be true.  Otherwise, who would permit them to make such a claim publicly?  Frustrated and confused, they were not the best.  In fact, they didn’t help at all.  I may have even looked older after all that chemical damage!  It’s hard to find good anti-aging skin care products, and finding products that are natural is even harder, but no longer impossible.  I’ll tell you how.

First, many countries have stringent policies regarding what can be labeled as anti-aging natural skin care products.  Unfortunately, the United States is not among them.  In the United States, a company can openly claim to have the finest anti-aging natural skin care products on the market, even if they don’t.  They can claim their products are made from only the purest of nature’s ingredients, when in fact; the products are filled with harsh chemicals and abrasives. This is because the agency overseeing the cosmetics industry is the Federal Trade Commission and not the Food and Drug Administration, as many may think. The FDA does not oversee anti-aging skin care products because those products are used topically on the body and not intended for internal use.

Perhaps we would benefit more if the FDA did in fact regulate cosmetics and topical products, because the FDA is a largely proactive organization.  The FTC is embarrassingly reactive.  Here is what I mean.  It is possible for a manufacturer to be brought up on charges due to deceptive and false labeling.  The company can be charged for claiming they have the best anti-aging skin care products or for claiming they have all natural skin care products, when the fact is their products have not been proven to be the best, or contain ingredients that are not natural or can harm the consumer.  However, the FTC will not investigate a company until a serious incident or complaint comes before them.  Therefore, the FTC acts more like a passive overseer than an actual regulator of the skin care product industry.

Second, when shopping for anti-aging natural skin care products, you should always be sure to read the label and thoroughly understand what it is you are buying.  Many products out there contain harsh substances or dangerous chemicals, even if they claim to be natural.  Particularly when used on your face, those substances or chemicals will be absorbed into your pores and will enter directly into your bloodstream. Those manufacturers don’t want you to read the label.  They want you to believe their claim that they have the best anti-aging natural skin care products available.  They don’t want you to make an educated purchase, they simply want you to purchase.

That’s not said to frighten you, but simply to make you more acutely aware of the need to read and understand what is in the product.  For every downside, there is an upside.  There are companies that do produce the best anti-aging skin care products, and they are making safe, truly natural formulas.  Take care to educate yourself and avoid companies using deceitful methods to encourage you to buy.

Third, the best way to find anti-aging natural skin care products is not from advertisements or television, but through personal research.  Read, learn, and educate yourself.  Search for the answers you are looking for.  The payoff is huge and you will never regret it.

Lastly, many of the best anti-aging skin care products are not sold here in the U.S.  They are developed overseas and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.  There is an excellent benefit from buying directly.  It guarantees you the best price since there is no retail mark-up.

So, when looking for anti-aging natural skin care products, first remember the United States does not have the best regulation regarding company claims.  Second, read the label to see what ingredients are included and if they are in fact natural.  Third, do some personal research.  Make sure you know what you are getting.  And last, don’t limit yourself to products produced in the U.S.  Look beyond the borders.  There are some really great and honest foreign companies doing good work to provide consumers with upstanding products.

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