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3 Ways to Save Money on Your Diet Delivery Service

Looking for cheap diet food delivery? We all know that times are tough – and a lot of people are looking to tighten their belts – both financially and physically.

One of the main benefits of diet delivery is that there are a lot of services you can try that will cost you less than the price of one restaurant meal (for the entire day). So that alone can save you money.

Plus, there’s also the money you’ll save in the long run on health-related costs. But are there other ways to save?

I’ve been reviewing and writing about different diet food delivery services for about 3 years now – and there are a few tricks you can use to save on your order (note that these tricks are usually for first-time orders only). Here they are:

#1 Use Coupons

While coupons are not as popular as they once were (the diets realize that people are just waiting around for coupons – and not buying in the meantime, so they’re starting to pull back), you can still find a few. So there are a few bouncing around.

#2 Join the Autoship Program

Some delivery services will give you a discount if you agree to join their autoship program. For example, Nutrisystem has some pretty steep discounts if you agree to their autoship program at the time of your purchase. Autoship is where your credit card is charged automatically and a new shipment of diet meals are sent to you. You can stop this at any time – but you have to actually call or email them and ask them to stop. (They’re hoping that you don’t).

This makes some people nervous – so if you do get nervous, don’t do it. But if you’re going with a large diet service with a solid reputation, chances are you’ll be ok.

If you’re not sure, check out the Better Business Bureau online and look up the diet service to see if any complaint has been lodged. While this may not give you a definitive answer, it’s at least one way to cover your bases.

#3 Make Your Own Breakfast

Do you like to eat in the morning? I love a good breakfast – but for a lot of people, they just don’t care that much. So if that’s you, why not provide your own breakfast that’s simple and plain (some eggs and fruit for example) – then have lunch and dinner from the delivery service?

This can save you quite a bit if you just elect for lunch and dinner instead of all 3 meals a day. This way you get the delicious weight loss meals (when it really matters to you) while saving money at the same time.

Granted it’s a bit more work on your end – but if you want to save, it might be worth considering. Just make sure your breakfast conforms to the calorie or carb counts of the diet meal delivery service, so you keep your weight loss chugging away at high speed.

So those are 3 ways to get “cheap diet food delivery”. I’ll be posting more tips in the future so stay tuned!



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