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25 Skincare Tips for Perfect Looking Lips

Tip 1: Cosmetics – Lipstick for Perfect Looking Lips

A tube of lipstick is one of the most important cosmetics a girl has. You have so many lipstick shades to choose from but not all may work well with you. Not all are perfect when applying lipstick so neutral lip colors are good in hiding any imperfections during application. If you wish to use red or bright colored lipsticks, you may need to use a liner but it will only give a less natural look. You can solve this problem by using a lip balm and then apply lipstick only on the center of the lips. Use a lip brush to spread the color towards the lip edges and the lip balm will dilute the color, giving you a softer look.

Tip 2:  Cosmetics – The Perfect Foundation for Your Face

There are many things you should consider when finding the right foundation. Avoid unnatural colors such as pink, which can also make you look older than your age. Choose only colors that duplicate the color of your skin tone. Be sure that the foundation matches the color of your neck, paying closer attention to the collarbone area, so that the look on you will be more natural. This will give your skin a softer, smoother and more perfect look.

Tip 3: Cosmetics – Makeup Colors

For a much more sophisticated look, you can use a variety of cosmetics that will further enhance your best facial features. Give more emphasis to cosmetics that will compliment your skin and define your eyebrows. On certain days when you do not need to use more makeup, you can opt for a pink with grey tone and brownish colors. Proper grooming of your eyebrows by trimming is necessary. You can further enhance your eyebrows by using a brown brow definer. This is also helpful if you do not have much hair growth on your eyebrows.

Tip 4: Cosmetics – Avoid Makeup Smudging

Cosmetics or makeup smudges, especially the mascara and eyeliner, may be difficult to fix. If worse comes to worse, you may have to redo your eye makeup to fix the problem. To prevent this, you must know one of the common makeup mistakes women do – applying foundation before eye make-up. Doing this will increase the risk of smudging. Try doing it the other way around to lessen smudging which will save you precious time from retouching the makeup.

Tip 5: Natural Cosmetics Mineral makeup

Mineral makeups are great samples of natural cosmetics. They not only make you look more beautiful but are good for your health as well. Often they contain minerals and other inorganic pigments that normally exist in nature. The common colored minerals found in mineral makeup are mica, titanium dioxide, zinc and iron oxides and ultramarine pigments. A wide range of cosmetic products is created using these minerals. These include foundations, eye shadows and shimmer powder for the body just to name a few.

Tip 6: Concealers – Great for Hiding Blemishes

Facial imperfections can be remedied with concealers for a more flawless look. However, for every type of imperfection, there is a concealer that works best with it. If you have dry skin, it is advisable to use a liquid concealer for added moisturization. This also works well for hiding large areas that include circles under your eyes. For pimples, scars and bruises, you can choose solid concealers. For a more natural look, choose cream-to-powder foundation. For better results, use it with liquid or cream foundation.

Tip 7: Concealers Refresh Your Tired Look

You can give your tired face a boost with concealers. Make sure you get the one that works best with your face. These will help you lighten any dark circles under your eyes, brighten your face and make you look more relaxed. Always choose the tone that is a little bit lighter than yours for a natural look. To apply, put some on your finger or a concealer brush and pat gently under the eyes, on the lash lines and the corners of the eyes.

Tip 8: Natural Facial Cleansers – Lemons and Egg Whites

Facial blotches are unsightly. You can go to a skin doctor and have them removed. This may be expensive so here’s a trick to easily get rid of blotches on your face the natural way. All you need is half a lemon and one beaten egg white. Squeeze the juice of the lemon and mix it thoroughly with the egg white. Apply it on your face leaving it overnight. If you are in a hurry, you can just leave it on for fifteen minutes. Rinse your face with warm water making sure no residue is left. This will minimize blotches because of the bleaching properties of lemon.

Tip 9: Facial Cleansers and other Natural Beauty Aids

You do not always have to rely on commercial beauty products to maintain your skin. There are lots of natural ingredients in your own home which you can use and will even give you the same or even better results. For facial cleansers, you can substitute using buttermilk, yogurt and cream. For after bath moisturizers, rub almond oil on your skin to maintain suppleness. For best results you can try mixing essential oils of peppermint, lavender or neroli.

Tip 10: Cosmetics Mascara Tips to Avoid Smudging

Mascara smudges are unsightly and very difficult to hide. You will only waste time going to the women’s room to retouch your makeup. You can easily prevent this by minimizing the amount of mascara you put on your lashes. Apply only a thin coat on the top lashes. If you apply some up to the roots of your lashes, you increase the risk of smudging. You can use an eyelash brush on your lashes to remove any mascara build up.

Tip 11: Taking Care of Oily Skin

Your skin produces a natural skin oil called asebum, which acts as a natural lubricant making skin smooth and supple. If your skin produces asebum excessively, your skin will definitely be oily giving it a thick and heavy texture. Your skin will look shiny and you will have more blemishes than usual. You may also have problems with pimples because excess oil can clog the pores. You can take care of your oily skin by using steam to cleanse your face frequently and through exfoliation.

Tip 12: Taking Care of Oily Skin

Having a spa treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. For those who are thinking that a good spa treat can only be felt at a spa, you’re wrong. There are many ways you can get a spa treatment at home using natural skin care products without exhausting your purse. Use Sea salts to exfoliate your skin. You can use them on the face and body rubbing gently to remove dead skin cells. To have a nourishing facemask, you can use ground lentils mixed with honey. Apply on face and neck. Rinse well after five minutes.

Tip 13: Natural Skin Care Products Prevent Skin Damage

There are many factors that can affect your skin condition negatively. If you use chemical based skin care products often, some ingredients may not be suitable for your skin type that can cause dryness, irritation or even discoloration. You should also be aware that when you expose your skin to harsh elements, you increase the risk of skin damage. Always use natural skin care products that will protect you from sun, water, wind and cold (as these elements toughen the texture of skin).

Tip 14: Homemade Moisturizer – Vitamin E Enriched!

Vitamin E is also known as the skin vitamin. You must never neglect your skin with this vitamin to maintain smoothness, suppleness and a healthy glow. When you use skin care products, always make sure that you use the ones which contains vitamin E. Because most skin care products fortified with vitamin E are expensive, you can easily make your own! Buy some Vitamin E capsules from the pharmacy regardless of potency. Prick the capsule and mix the contents with your favorite moisturizer. Apply on skin to moisturize and for nourishment.

Tip 15: The Power of Herbal Oils

Herbal oils are known for their ability to heal and improve your overall well-being naturally. These are often used in aromatherapy and are known to help ease any tension. Herbal oils help relax your muscles and are even known to heal other illnesses because of their therapeutic properties. Try using essentials oils infused with organic olive oil mixed with either freshly gathered wild crafted herbs and flowers, or certified organic materials. Lie down, relax and ask a friend or loved one for a massage!

Tip 16: Tip for Cold Climates

Cold winter air can damage your skin by depleting its natural moisture. You’ll feel that your skin will have an itchy sensation, be dry and flaky. You will notice that on colder months you will experience these symptoms. Although this is not a serious matter, the dry and itchy feeling is very irritating. You can ease any discomfort by keeping your skin hydrated with your favorite moisturizer. This will guarantee your skin to be smooth and supple all throughout winter. Another great Tip: drink plenty of water!

Tip 17: Skin Care Basics for Healthy Skin

Having good-looking skin is very much preferred because of its healthy glow, smoothness and suppleness. Healthy skin has a normal production of sebum, the natural skin lubricant, which does not give us a dry or oily texture. To have healthy skin, follow this skin care regimen – cleanse and moisturize! Do not over wash because it will make your skin dry. When moisturizing, choose products that are compatible to your skin type. Occasional visits to your skin doctor are also advisable.

Tip 18: Making the Best of Natural Moisturizers

When looking for a moisturizer, often choose products that are hypoallergenic because you are assured that the product is 100% compatible to your skin type and that you minimize the risk of getting any allergic reactions. It is better if you select brands that contain vitamins C and E. These will not only moisturize your skin but also give proper nourishment. When applying the moisturizer, imagine you are playing a piano. Your skin will act as your imaginary piano and you will tap your fingers lightly on your face just like playing a piano. This will help distribute the moisturizer evenly on your face.

Tip 19: Wrinkle Prevention Tip – Get Sun Protection

Having a perfect tan is beautiful but beauty has its costs. Sun tanning will definitely put your skin and even your health at risk. The ultra violet rays of the sun can actually cause premature aging. In some cases, skin cancer may occur. The best wrinkle prevention tip is to use sun block lotions or creams with SPF that is not lower than twenty-five. You must also avoid basking under the sun from 10 AM until 3 PM, when the sunray is at its hottest.

Tip 20: Facial Toners – Keep Them Alcohol-Free

When cleansing your face, be sure to use alcohol free facial toners that would not cause a burning sensation on your skin. If you are using one now that causes a burning feeling, get rid of it right away. You might dry your skin or develop rashes. If you want to go natural, choose cucumber instead as a facial toner for a more natural way of caring for your skin. They are cheaper alternatives too!

Tip 21: Beauty Products – Maintaining Beautiful Eyelashes

Curly eyelashes emphasize your eyes, giving you a more sophisticated look. Beauty products like eyelash curlers can help you achieve beautiful eyelashes but they may not last longer and you need to redo it again. To make sure that curls do not go away fast, all you have to do is heat the curler using a hair dryer for a couple of seconds. Be sure that it is not very hot when you press it on your eyelashes. The heat will actually give instant curls especially to longer eyelashes.

Tip 22: Skin Care – The 20s

When you are in your 20s, your skin is at its prime. Still, do not take this for granted. Your skin now will be the basis for the look and feel of your skin as you get older. Follow this skin care routine – ensure that you use a sunscreen and a light daily moisturizer with an SPF. A gentle but effective cleanser to shift pore blocking pollutants and a lightweight eye cream are also essential.

Tip 23: Skin Care – The 30s and 40s

When you are in your 30s and 40s, your skin is showing some tell-tale signs of how you’ve lived. By this time, you should step up your skin care regimen to counteract dryness. Tackle the decline of collagen and elastin with slightly richer cream moisturizers and eye cream. Exfoliate more often to counteract slower cell turn over. Antioxidants like vitamins C and E, and beta-carotene should also be taken to fight sun damage, pollutants and stress.

Tip 24: Skin Care – The 50s

When you are in your 50s your skin care routine should be accompanied by super rich formulations. Lack of moisture is why such formulations are necessary. After menopause, there’s less estrogen being produced which affects the kin’s moisture-holding capability. A cream designed to improve moisture retention is your number one priority. As you age, your skin begins to sag especially around the eyes. As such, look for a product that strengthens and firms such as those that have reflective micro pigments.

Tip 25: Home Beauty Remedies – Instant Relief for Tired Eyes

Looking for home beauty remedies for tired eyes? Reading, watching too much TV and being in front of computers can easily tire your eyes, making them red. You may opt for eye drops that can immediately banish the redness but there is a way that is also as effective in case eye drops are not available. Cold compress can reduce redness and works well with puffy eyes. All you need to do is to keep a spoon in your freezer. Apply on your eyelids for a couple of minutes and that will soothe tired and puffy eyes clearing away the redness.

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