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25 Skincare Tips including Makeup Tip

Tip 1: Facial Blemishes–Getting Rid of Blackheads

 Facial blemishes like blackheads are caused by a mixture of oil, dead cells and bacteria that often block enlarged pores and would appear as dark spots on the face. Use a liquid spot-touch concealer that is available in a tube with its own applicator to cover up the blackheads. Dot the area with the concealer and use your fingers to blend it into your skin.  Afterwards, dust the area lightly with powder to reduce shine.

 Tip 2: Facial Blemishes–Hands Off Acne Please!

 Facial blemishes like cystic acne are painful, hard bumps that form when a pimple nestles underneath your skin. This type of ‘erupting’ blemishes are best left alone, avoiding any attempt to conceal them. Apply an astringent to keep it clean and avoid touching it further until it dries out naturally. For dry cystic acne, put on a small amount of heavy concealer with the tip of a cotton bud or a small acrylic tipped brush.

 Tip 3: Skin Care Regime–Cleanse Gently

 Tips provide additional information that can help you take better care of your skin. Use lukewarm to splash your face before gently washing your face with a pea size amount of a gentle, soap free cleanser. It is best to use your fingers for a gentler washing. Massage the cleanser on lightly with circular strokes into your skin. Wash off the cleanser with lukewarm water and dry with a clean towel. Never rub the towel on your skin, just pat your skin dry.

 Tip 4: Makeup – Toner Basics

 When you are going out or simply want to put some makeup on your face, it is best to apply a toner after gently cleansing your face. The best way to apply toner on your face is by using a tissue. Tissue paper absorbs less of the toner compared to cotton. This regulates the amount of toner you apply on your skin. Wipe the tissue lightly on your face and let it dry before applying moisturizer.

 Tip 5: Take Full Advantage of Moisturizers

 Tips help you take better care of your skin. There are many benefits to using a moisturizer. A nickel-sized amount of moisturizer is enough to moisturize your neck and your face. Apply moisturizers using your middle fingers for less pressure on your skin as you massage the cream all over. Use upward and outward strokes to massage the moisturizer thoroughly over your skin. Try using a moisturizer with a sun protection formula for added benefits.

 Tip 6: Skin Care Product Reviews for the Latest Facial Products

 Skin care product reviews list down the latest and most popular skincare products on the market. Many dermatologists suggest these items for their useful treatment and prevention of facial blemishes. The most popular skincare products are non-soap, fragrance free cleaners that are gentle on various skin types. Face lotions with alpha hydroxy acids that help make the skin glow and also have a sun protection formula. Prescription medication is also available for clearing up adult acne, even out skin tone and smoothen fine facial lines.

 Tip 7: Anti-aging Secret – Smile!

 You can buy all the anti-aging creams, lotions and potions in the market today but nothing really beats a happy and positive disposition. Seriously, if you often smile, you won’t have as much wrinkles as the next person. Needless to say, a healthy diet and some exercise moves will also do wonders for your overall health. And yes, delay that that ‘aged look’ you may be sporting on your face. Staying for long hours under the sun, smoking and drinking are also definite no-nos if you are serious about preventing wrinkles.

 Tip 8: Homemade Skin Care Products– Natural, Inexpensive Facial Scrub

 We seem to keep coming back to homemade skin care products. Depending on your skin type, there are many recipes you can try at home in your very own kitchen. A popular ingredient for a homemade facial scrub is oatmeal, which is best for oily, broken out or irritated skin. Mix the oatmeal with yogurt, lemon juice, parsley and olive oil to form a paste. Rub gently onto your skin and let it stay for five minutes. Then rinse off thoroughly with warm water. Enjoy your smooth and supple skin!

 Tip 9: Homemade Skin Care Products– Homespun Facial Mask

 Homemade skin care products are helpful and cost effective skincare remedies you will surely have fun to try. You can search online for a variety of recipes you can whip up in your own kitchen. You can put together this homemade facial mask – beat together milk and egg yolk to create an anti-wrinkle mask you can use at home. Apply the mask to freshly washed face and leave it on for five minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Then apply moisturizer after.

 Tip 10: Facial Blemishes– Hiding Whiteheads

 Facial blemishes like whiteheads are white bumps that appear on the face. These blemishes are caused by an upsurge of blemish-fighting white blood cells. To hide these whiteheads, use the tip of a cotton bud or a small, pointed concealer brush to apply a small amount of a thick concealer to the centre of the area with the whiteheads. Gently spread the concealer over the affected area. Use a translucent powder to lessen the shine.

 Tip 11: Aromatherapy Skincare Treatments– Easy Homemade Techniques

 Aromatherapy skincare treatments help you relax… a lot! You can easily look up your very own spa treatment at home. A simple facial steam is an easy spa treatment you can do at home. Place steaming hot water in a good-sized bowl and add drops of your favorite essential oil. For ten minutes, lean over the bowl and cover your head with a towel to trap the steam underneath. Relax. It is best to do this only once or twice a month. After your (face) steam bath, apply a toner and moisturizer.

 Tip 12:  Homemade Skin Care Products– Homemade Moisturizer Recipes

 Homemade skin care products are very easy to make in your own kitchen. Most natural products in your very own kitchen are rich in nutrients that can be made into fantastic moisturizers. Homemade moisturizer recipes can be rather messy but are still very effective. Put together the ingredients of your favorite homemade moisturizer recipe. Mix all these in a blender until you get a silky concoction. Steam open your pores before applying the moisturizer onto your skin. Let it stay for fifteen minutes then rinse off.

 Skin Care Tip 13: Skin Care Basics– Essential Sunscreen

 Skin care basics require the daily use of sunscreen. Buying skincare products, like sunscreen is highly recommended for stopping sun damage and lessening your risk of skin cancer. Choose a product that contains a minimum sun protection factor of fifteen. Many commercial skincare products have a combination of moisturizers with an SPF. There are also lotions that contain alpha hydroxy acids and vitamin C to moisturize, protect and smoothen your skin all at the same time.

Tip 14: Spa Skincare Treatments– Salt Exfoliating Treatment

 Spa skincare treatments are very easy to duplicate at home. Why don’t you try this easy to do salt exfoliating skincare treatment? This treatment is helpful at exfoliating the top layer of your skin. You can use fine grained sea salts that are available at many health food stores and add in grape seed or almond oil to form a paste. Massage gently on your skin for a relaxing rub. This treatment can be quite untidy and could be slippery. It is best to do this while sitting in your bathtub.

Tip 15: Dry Skin Care Skin Balm Recipe

 Knowing some handy dry Tips is helpful for protecting your skin during the harsh winter weather. A skin balm is good to apply on your skin to prevent the cold weather from drying up your skin. By putting together a variety of oils like avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil (or any of your favorite essential oils) plus butter and beeswax beads, you can create a balm that you can use for dry skin especially on your lips and dry cuticles.

 Tip 16: Facial Blemishes– Keep Blackheads Away

 Facial blemishes like blackheads are almost impossible to stop. You can steam your face once a week to make the oils and dirt that clog the pores softer. Afterwards you can use a mask to clean your skin. Use creams with glycolic acid, salicylic acid or retinol to keep the pores clean. You may also consider having a facial once a month to deep clean the pores. You can also try using lemon as a natural remedy to get rid of blackheads.

 Tip 17: Dry Skin – Using Face Oil

 You’ve probably heard that face oil for dry skin is ‘taboo’. Well, the truth of the matter is this – an emollient face oil can actually soothe and remedy parched and dehydrated skin. When choosing the face oil to be used, choose one that contains sesame, olive oil, or sweet almond oil. These ingredients are quite know to increase and restore the natural levels of lipids in dry skin. Here’s a tip:  If your face feels ‘tight’ then it’s time to apply face oil after washing.

 Tip 18: Acne Care and Facial Scrubs

 Anybody would be annoyed with a sudden breakout of acne. When this occurs, one’s normal acne care reaction is simply to scrub the face clean because, of course, acne is mostly the result of dirty and clogged pores. However, one of the mistakes you can do is actually use a harsh facial scrub. When you have acne, your skin is sensitive and using a harsh facial scrub will only further scratch your face and cause scars.

Tip 19: Facial Rejuvenation – Go for a Massage

You’ve heard about massages to soothe body aches and pains so why not submit yourself to a massage for facial rejuvenation? A facial massage is all-natural because it does not involve the intake of any medication and, quite frankly, is quite less costly than any drug-related cure. Go to a spa center for a quick 30-minute facial massage and you will notice that your face feels ‘lighter’ afterwards. You can also check your local beauty parlor if they provide this service.

Tip 20: Facial Blemishes– Taking out Blackhead

 Facial blemishes like blackheads can easily be treated. In fact, there are a number of ways to do this. You can use pore strips to remove some of the blackheads. However, if you plan to extract the blackheads yourself remember to be very careful. Apply a hot compress on the area to soften the pores. Then wrap tissue around your index fingers and lightly squeeze out the pore until the plug is released. Don’t squeeze too hard so as not to leave a mark on you face.

 Tip 21: Men’s Skin Care – Oily Skin

 If you think that only women need a ‘beauty product’ remedy for that oily skin, you’re quite behind in the game. Men’s skin care products are everywhere nowadays so there is really no need for further proof that men DO need skincare products as well. Men have about 15% oilier skin (and definitely larger pores) than women. The bottom line? Men get dirtier, easier. So cleanse your face daily with a good cleanser. This will keep your pores clear and healthy.

 Tip 22: Beauty Essential – Eye Creams

 Did you know that skin around the eyes is very delicate? Further there are no oil or sweat glands to condition that part of your face so, indeed, wrinkles do tend to appear in this area. Well, don’t take this sitting down. After all, the eyes are the first thing that one notices in a person’s face right. So what do you need? Eye creams. A good quality eye cream is a great anti-aging product to have by the bedside. Use a gentle moisturizing eye cream. Don’t rub it in; always use light patting motions when applying the cream.

 Tip 123: Skin Care – Prevention is better than Cure

 To combat the aging process, prevention is definitely better than cure so start early and don’t take your ‘young skin’ for granted. Practice good skin care habits like using a good cleanser to clean your skin every day. Deep cleansing is extremely important to keep pores clear and your skin healthy.

Avoid harsh cleansing products. As much as possible, opt for chemical-free beauty products. After cleansing, never forget to moisturize. This will replenish the natural oils that were removed the cleansing process.

 Tip 124: Moisturizers – More than Once a Day

 It is important to moisturize daily. If you do not take care of your skin and apply moisturizers on a regular basis while it is still soft and supple (read: while you are still young), then you will just find it hard to remedy dry and parched skin later on. The secret to proper moisturization is frequency of application. Ensure that you moisturize every morning and at night just before you go to bed. To avoid that greasy, icky feeling, use a light moisturizer during the day and revert to a richer moisturizer at night.

 Tip 25: Skin Care – Daily Cleansing

 Proper skin care includes a DAILY cleansing routine. There really is no work around when it comes to ensuring that one has clear, youthful looking skin. When it comes to makeup, always wash your face before you apply them (to ensure no dirt is ‘locked in’) and afterwards (to ensure that no makeup seeps into your pores and clogs them during the night). Always wash with a mild cleanser every morning and in the evening just before you sleep. Follow this with a toner that is recommended for your specific skin type.

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