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25 Skincare Tips including The Cellulite Pinch Test

Tip 1: Cellulite Myths

Cellulite was the term created in the early seventies to refer to the dimpled appearance of the skin that many thought of as a disease. Cellulite commonly develops around the areas of the buttocks, hips and thighs. Although men and women may have cellulite, it is more common in women due to the different way that the muscle, connective tissue and fat are distributed in women’s bodies. Though female hormones affect the distribution of fat in a woman’s body, hormone therapy is not a treatment for cellulite.

Tip 2: Cellulite A Natural Occurrence

Cellulite is a natural occurrence in the body of men and women that develops over time. There are various factors that contribute to the development of cellulite like diet and genes. Having cellulite is the same as another person having thicker hair than another person. Varying facial features among people are also ordinary everyday occurrences. Unfortunately, the media hype that surrounds cellulite brings on a negative implication to the matter. People are led to believe that cellulite is a disease when it is clearly not.

Tip 3: Cellulite Low-Fat Diet Treatment

Cellulite treatments are very popular as both men and women look for ways to reduce cellulite in different parts of their bodies. A low-fat, low-calorie diet is one type of cellulite treatment that many people have embraced to get rid of cellulite. Though a low-fat diet is good for one’s health to maintain an ideal weight, it doesn’t reduce cellulite in the body. Eating a low-calorie diet may indirectly reduce the chances of getting additional cellulite.

Tip 4: Cellulite Treatments With Dietary Supplements

Cellulite treatments involving the use of dietary supplements have become very popular as they are advertised as an instant cure to get rid of cellulite. There are different types of dietary supplements marketed for cellulite removal. These supplements are formulated with various herb extracts that claims to boost circulation, enhance metabolism, prevent cell damage and break down fats. Keep in mind that these supplements are not under the jurisdiction of the USFDA and have not been tested for efficacy or safety.

Tip 5: Cellulite Treatment Risks

Cellulite treatments that make use of dietary supplements can be very risky especially for those taking prescription medicines as they might produce a negative reaction. Certain supplements may contain harmful substances like iodine, which is dangerous for people with thyroid problems or other medical condition. In some case studies, a number of dietary supplements have been exposed to produce the opposite results. Instead of minimizing cellulite these supplements have actually increased it along with body weight.

Tip 6: Cellulite Massage Treatments

Cellulite massage treatments using various types of machines have become quite popular alternative to remove troublesome cellulite from the body. These machines are composed of cylinders that massage the area with cellulite by rolling it between cylinders to even out the dimpled appearance of the skin and restructure the fat. However just like dietary supplements there are no proper clinical studies to support the claim of these machines in taking out cellulite from the body.

Tip 7: Cellulite Electrical Treatments

Cellulite removal is a continuous pursuit for people weighed down by the appearance of cellulite on their bodies. One of the more unusual types of treatments includes the use of electric current to stimulate the fat tissue. Just like dietary supplements and cellulite removal machines, electric stimulation is also an unverified form of treatment. Keep in mind that cellulite is a product of different factors such as genes and hormones. These types of treatment are merely superficial remedies.

Tip 8: Cellulite Causes

Cellulite is brought about by a number of factors. Some of which are caused directly by the way a person lives. An inactive daily routine, improper diet, drinking, smoking, wearing high heels and tight clothes may all bring about cellulite. Eating high caloric foods and not getting enough exercise causes the body to build up fat. While wearing tight clothes and high heels compromises blood circulation in the body. The common body parts easily affected is the hips, buttocks, abdomen and thighs.

Tip 9: Cellulite – Proper Treatments

Cellulite may be trimmed down by following a balanced diet and getting proper exercise that target problem areas with cellulite. Exercise can boost muscle tone that will directly benefit skin tone. The best time to exercise would be in the morning after waking up in order to burn up excess fat stored overnight. The best time would be about twenty minutes after getting up from bed. But exercising at any time of the day is also beneficial.

Tip 10: Cellulite and Sports

Cellulite exercises programs can include various types of sports that will help make the work out fun and enjoyable. This will keep you from giving up on your exercises. Biking, hiking, athletics and gymnastics are just some types of exercise that will help increase muscle tone. However simple exercises are also favorable and keep you from just sitting down all day. Avoid exercising after eating because this will leave you tired and cause you to eat more.

Tip 11: Cellulite Exercise Programs

Cellulite exercise programs are the best way to get rid of cellulite and increase muscle tone. The combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises can effectively burn fat and transform it to muscle. Aerobic exercises like swimming, running or walking are perfect for cellulite exercise programs. Aerobic exercises cause the body to sweat and burn fat at the same time detoxifies the skin. While anaerobic exercises like yoga, weightlifting and the popular Pilates concentrate on problem cellulite areas like the buttocks, hips and thighs.

Tip 12: Cellulite Cosmetic Treatments

Cellulite cosmetic treatments like body wraps have long been used in health spas and salons to help clients reduce cellulite and trim down weight. The process involves the use of creams or lotions that are applied to the cellulite area then tightly wrapped with garments that are often infused with herbal extracts. Body wraps may seem to work because of the loss of water due to sweat. However this isonly temporary and the fluid can easily return after eating or drinking.

Tip 13: Cellulite Herbal Treatments

Cellulite herbal remedies have been marketed for years as the most effective way of reducing cellulite using the bounty of Mother Nature. Herbal extracts like gingko biloba and sweet clover are just some of the more common ingredients of herbal medications for cellulite. Gingko biloba extracts are known to enhance circulation however there is no evidence that they can target cellulite directly. Sweet clover extracts has diuretic effect that causes the body to release water but this has no immediate effect on cellulite.

Tip 14: Cellulite – Herbal Treatments with Iodine

Cellulite herbal treatments that contain iodine can be harmful to the body especially for people with thyroid problems. Iodine is already present in the food we eat. Excess amounts in the body are unhealthy. Certain medications contain a considerable amount of iodine, more than the recommended dosage by the USRDA, which is 150 micrograms. Dried focus vesiculosus extract is often used in cellulite herbal treatments for its ability to speed up metabolism however it contains high amounts of iodine.

Tip 15: Cellulite Oil-Rich Medications

Cellulite medications often contain various types of oils such as evening primrose oil, fish oil and soya lecithin. These products claim that these ingredients effectively reduce cellulite in the body. Fish oil and evening primrose oil contain polyunsaturated fatty acids that help increase energy thus boosting metabolism. There is no proof that these oils enhance metabolism and neither do they reduce fat in people’s diets. Equally, soya lecithin does not make the body get rid of fat as advertised by these drugs.

Tip 16: Cellulite Removal Products

Cellulite removal products are widely available online and offline. But more people seem to prefer buying cellulite removal products online to avoid embarrassing themselves in public. Cellulite soap treatments that contain seaweed extracts claim to penetrate the surface of the skin to get to the cellulite. It is often paired with cellulite creams that claim to melt away the fat. There are also fat-burner pills that repress a person’s craving for food while melting cellulite at the same time.

Tip 17: Cellulite Gym Exercises

Cellulite gym exercises target specific problem areas in the body with cellulite. These are said to be more effective than using creams or taking pills to melt away cellulite. The seated leg curl with the use of an exercise machine is a great way to strengthen the hamstrings. Leg extensions are meant to strengthen the quadriceps. If you are not familiar with these types of exercises, it is best to seek professional assistance from a trained instructor.

Tip 18: Cellulite and Fat

Cellulite and fat are two entirely different things. Fat is present in any body; however the amount of fat depends greatly on the lifestyle, genetic disposition and weight of an individual. An even layer of fat insulates the body, the organs, nerves and muscles. Cellulite however is lumpy and has no significant purpose in protecting the body against external factors. Cellulite also targets specific areas like the buttocks, breasts, thighs and abdomen in women. While men are likely to have cellulite in the abdomen and neck region.

Tip 19: Cellulite Factors

Cellulite is not limited to people who are overweight. There are various factors that cause the appearance of cellulite in the body such as improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Cellulite in the body is largely due to the built up of fat and toxins. Genetic disposition is also a factor to be considered in the emergence of cellulite. This means that anyone man or woman may have cellulite regardless of body structure, size or weight. Unless of course they are severely malnourished.

Tip 20: Cellulite Varieties

Cellulite may form in a variety of ways on the body namely hard cellulite and soft cellulite. Despite being active, women who get sufficient exercise like runners and dancers develop solid or hard cellulite. This type of cellulite is directly connected to the muscle tissue and is quite difficult to remove. Soft cellulite is the more common type of cellulite that is easily noticed on the body because of low muscle tone. It is however easier to get rid of.

Tip 21: Cellulite Pinch Test

Cellulite pinch test is used to determine the extent of cellulite on the body. With your thumb and forefinger, gently press an area of the body to test for cellulite. For larger areas, you can use both hands by squeezing the area between the palms of your hands. When pressed, cellulite appears much like the skin of an orange with wrinkles and dimples. The skin may also appear whiter where cellulite is present. While fat will appear as relatively smooth when pinched.

Tip 22: Cellulite Creams

Cellulite creams especially those containing alpha hydroxy acids have been shown to produce favorable results in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Alpha hydroxy acids help improve skin elasticity there resulting in lesser cellulite manifestation. These products may work best when combined with a healthy diet, proper exercise and a habit-free lifestyle. But keep in mind that these products do not bring about permanent results since the physical properties of the skin were not changed. The moment you stop using them the cellulite will again reappear.

Tip 23: Cellulite Removal Techniques

Cellulite removal is a battle that anyone can win but it requires determination and self-control to succeed. A combination of proper eating and regular workouts supported by various treatments to stimulate circulation can help minimize cellulite. Toxins in the body contribute a lot to the formation of cellulite. A detoxifying diet composed of fruits and vegetables plus whole grain foods is the first step in ridding the body of toxins. In addition, a daily consumption of about two litres of water can help release wastes and toxins.

Tip 24: Cellulite in Men and Women

Cellulite is more pronounced in women rather than in men. This is because the cells in the body of women are closer to the skin’s surface, while men’s cells are deeper. Cellulite often starts in women during the teenage years and continuously develops with age. Women who have just given birth or women who are taking birth control pills develop cellulite as the body is overflowing with estrogen. The body is unable to eliminate the excess hormones fast enough.

Tip 25: Body Odor Prevention

Body odor can easily be prevented once the cause is determined. Stay away from drugs that can cause body odor. Body odor caused by bad breath can easily be treated with habitual tooth brushing and regular visits to the dentist.  This will help put a stop to tooth decay that can lead to tooth infections that can cause body odor. For individuals suffering from diabetes it is important to regularly take prescribed medications to help keep an eye on the body’s sugar level.

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