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25 Skincare Tips – Home Made Beauty Products

Tip 1: Home Made Beauty Products – Baking Soda Cleanses Your Hair

 You are probably fond of that conditioner that has been your favorite since high school. Sooner or later you will realize that the conditioner is not doing you any more good but making your hair duller. The reason behind that is what beauty experts call conditioner build up and you can remedy it with baking soda. Rub the baking soda on your hair covering every part of it. Then rinse thoroughly and shampoo the hair for final cleansing.

 Tip 2: Home Made Beauty Products – Honey for Deep Facial Cleansing

 Deep facial cleansing is necessary to unclog facial pores, giving your skin a healthy glow. Although most facial masks available over the counter are effective, nothing can beat honey! It is natural, good for all skin types and less expensive compared to commercial brands. To use honey as a facemask, you have to cover your face with cloth that was soaked in warm water to open up the pores. Apply honey and leave it on for about fifteen to thirty minutes. Rinse with warm water followed by cold water to close the pores. For best results, cleanse your face once a week.

 Tip 3: Facial Blush Trick for a Natural Look

 You can actually experiment with blushes to get the shade you want on your face. Blushes come in different forms. You may want to substitute your powder blush with cream and gel blushes that give your features a more natural look. Choose a blush with a rosy pink shade. Apply any one of these blushes on your cheeks moving up towards the eye. That will definitely give your complexion the healthy glow of a rosy cheek.

 Tip 4: Cosmetics – Liquid Eyeliner for Deep-set Eyes

 When you apply makeup cosmetics on your face, always choose the best eyeliner that will accentuate the shape of your eyes. Not all eyeliners work well with all women. For women with deep-set eyes, it is best if regular pencil eyeliner is avoided. This often causes unsightly smudging on the folds of the eyelids. You may opt to use a liquid liner because it does not smudge easily saving you trips to the powder room to retouch your makeup.

 Tip 5: Cosmetics – Foundation for a Smoother Face

 A foundation or concealer is a necessary cosmetics product. They cover up any unsightly blemishes or scars on your face giving you a smoother complexion. Finding the right foundation is not difficult to do. Always test the product on the inside of your wrist because that is the most unblemished part,

To give you a clearer picture of how it will look on you. You can also make the foundation last longer than usual by simply adding a drop of it to your favorite moisturizer. That will give your face a healthy glow.

 Tip 6: Cellulite Lotion – Possible Remedy for Cellulite

 Cellulite is a woman’s worse nightmare. It can prevent you from wearing stylish short skirts or bathing suits. Unfortunately, you only have limited options in banishing nasty cellulite.

You can try cellulite lotions, topical massages or creams but results are not immediate. Some may see results quicker than others may. It all depends on how your body will respond. Another option is cosmetic surgery. This procedure, which is pricey and risky, involves removal of fat deposits.

Tip 7: Choose the Right Cleanser

 Your skin protects your body from pollutants and harsh elements. Because of this, your skin may become damaged giving you an unsightly appearance or even lead to other complications. Here’s a helpful Tip – protect your skin by cleansing your face daily using health and beauty products that will nourish your skin. However, before you buy any products for your face, it is necessary to know the skin type you have. This way, you can easily find products that will work best with your skin.

 Tip 8: Hydrating Face Oils

 Hydrate it with face oil. Contrary to popular belief that face oils can clog your pores, they are in fact beneficial for your dry skin, providing moisture for a more supple texture. You can use face oils that contain sesame, sweet almond or olive oils. These are proven effective in replenishing your dry skin with lipids. Although washing your face is necessary for cleansing, your skin may feel tight afterwards due to lost moisture. Apply face oil after washing but before you use a moisturizer.

 Tip 9: Preventing Cellulite

 You must know that cellulite appears during the early years. Often they appear during puberty period. However, unlike mature women, cellulites are not very obvious on younger women because their skin is suppler. The best way to prevent cellulite is to watch your weight and to limit eating processed foods. Not only women but men as well can suffer from this. You can actually minimize the appearance of cellulite or even get rid of them. Engaging in physical activities and going to the gym regularly will give you good results.

 Tip 10: Drink Tea to Hydrate Your Skin

 Always keep your skin hydrated by drinking fluids. You can keep your skin supple, soft and moist by drinking up to eight glasses of water a day. You can substitute tea for water. Herbal teas are preferable because of healing properties and the variety of flavor available in the market. They are also caffeine-free which relieves you the worry of getting dehydrated. For hot and cold teas, you can try chamomile or red zinger. Green tea and oolong tea are good anti-oxidants that fight cancer.

 Tip 11: Body Brushing

 Looking for great tips to maintain soft and supple skin? Before you take a shower, try dry brushing your body with a natural bristle body brush. In this manner, you can stimulate the natural oil glands in your body to produce more oil keeping your skin moisturized. When you brush your body, always start at your feet. Always brush your body lightly to avoid any bruising or scraping and do it in circular motion. Shower using warm water and apply your favorite moisturizer afterwards.

 Tip 12: Hand Moisturizing

 Looking for great tips specifically for your hands? Take care of your hands by always making sure they are moisturized wherever you are. In the kitchen, keep a bottle of moisturizer near the sink. Further, keep a small bottle of hand cream or hand lotion on your desk at work or in your car. This will prevent your skin from drying and you can even nourish your hand all throughout the day. This will also revitalize your cuticles and keep skin supple.

 Tip 13: Bring out the Lemons…

 Toning your skin is necessary to have a beautiful and smooth complexion. It is one of the beauty routines that you must do in the morning before leaving the house and at night before you go to bed. Toning will help nourish and cleanse the skin. You probably know that toners are the ones you buy on the makeup counters. These are expensive but you can use lemons as a cheaper, safer and better alternative. In three simple steps, slice, squeeze and wipe, you can provide your skin all the nourishment it needs.

Tip 14: Dry Baths and Cellulite

 There are many ways for you to get rid of those ugly cellulites. You can opt to go to a skin specialist and undergo special treatments. These treatments may be expensive but you can find alternative ways to remove them without ruining your budget. One safer and less expensive way is to take a dry bath. All you need is a loofah or a bristle brush that you will use to scrub your skin. Always rub towards the direction of the heart. Do not over scrub to avoid skin scraping.

Tip 15: Tips to Combat Dryness

 Your skin normally excretes natural oils on the surface for lubrication and moisturization. In some cases, the skin may not be able to produce enough oil to hydrate the skin. In this case, skin is dry and characterized by roughness, scaling and even itchiness. This issue may be hereditary but may also be caused by environmental factors. Over exposure to elements can deplete the skin of natural moisture making it dry. Aging is another factor we must consider. As you age, your skin’s rate of metabolism to replace dead skin cells with new ones decreases. Your skin will appear dull, coarse and flaky in addition to fine lines and wrinkles. You can remedy this by massaging problem areas with essential oils and cold pressed oils.

 Tip16: Cosmetics Ensure You Maintain Healthy and Beautiful Eyes

 Too much eye cosmetics can indeed be harmful to your eyes. Always make sure that the eye products you are using are still before the expiry date to avoid any future infection or complication. On the average, mascara can last until three months. Powder eye shadow has a maximum shelf life of eighteen months whereas cream eye shadow has twelve months. You must know that eyeliners can harbor germs so it is best to sharpen them to maintain good hygiene.

 Tip 17: Cost Cutting on Facial Cloths

 Disposable facial cleansing cloths are good for the skin because they immediately cleanse and moisturize your face. However, you must remember that although this product is very convenient to use, it may be a bit pricey. It is advisable then, in order for you to save money, to cut the cloths in half. In that manner, the cloths are still as effective as they were before and it is like gaining another package of cleansing cloths.

 Tip 18: Facial Cloths Mind Your Skin

 Facial cloths are not created equal, or should we say our skin… Undoubtedly they are great products as they cleanse and hydrate your face. Not only that, facial cloths are very handy to bring and can be used anywhere and everywhere you go. However, not all of us have the same skin type and so facial cloths that have a string smelling perfume or extremely high alcohol content may actually damage our skin make it dry or cause rashes. So when buying facial cloths, consider your skin type.

 Tip 19: Skin Cleansing Exfoliate Naturally

 When it comes to skin cleansing, exfoliation is necessary in order for your skin to shed off dead skin cells giving you a smoother complexion. There are expensive exfoliation techniques available but you can do it at home in a very cost-effective way. All you need to do is to mix olive oil with sea salt or sugar. Lather on the skin giving emphasis on rougher areas. Rinse off the mixture on the body thoroughly and then moisturize your skin with a moisturizer of your choice.

 Tip 20: Moisturize Your Lips with Lip Balms

 At the start of your make-up or cosmetics routine always make sure that applying lip balm on your lips is the first thing you do. This will hydrate your lips and remove any chapping, making it perfect for applying lipstick later on. After you are done with your whole face, your lips will be well moisturized and it is now perfect for you to apply the matte lipstick. The matte lipstick on your moisturized lips will tone your lips into a perfect luster.

 Tip 21: Making Your Eyeliner and Lip Pencil Last Longer

 Your eyeliner or lip pencil may be prone to breakage every time you sharpen them. There is new technique used in order for them to resist breaking, thus giving them a longer life. Simply put them in the freezer for around ten minutes before sharpening. The cold temperature will actually cause them to harden slightly so they would not easily break. You do not have to do this often but only before you will sharpen them.

 Tip 22: Applying Your Makeup

 Makeup, foundations and other cosmetics will do wonders on your looks. However, you have to make sure you apply them properly to get the maximum benefits. When applying them on your face, put a small amount on your finger and gently pat it on your face. Make sure that you spread it evenly on your skin covering all blemishes. When applying on the eye area, avoid rubbing because there is the tendency for the skin under the eye to be pulled, which will only make the bags and circles more noticeable.

 Tip 23: Cosmetics Putting Blusher On? Smile!

 Cosmetics like blushes look good on the face by accentuating your cheeks, giving them a healthy rosy glow. Some women make the mistake of not putting them properly on the cheek, giving the face a less natural look. To avoid this error, you only have to smile while you apply the blush on.

In this manner you can easily apply blushes on the contours of your cheek giving you a more natural and pleasing appearance.

 Tip 24: Cosmetics Mineral Makeup for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

 Cosmetics companies are always in the process of discovering good products for you. One product out of innovation is what people in the industry call mineral makeup. This new line of natural skin care cosmetics is beneficial to your skin because they not only make you look good on the outside but also on the inside. Unlike chemical makeup, which can do more damage over time, mineral make-up contains ingredients that contribute to the well-being of your skin. This will make you look even healthier and more beautiful.

 Tip 25: Cosmetics – Mineral Powders for a Healthier and Beautiful You

 Health and beauty in cosmetics are possible through mineral powders. This new line of natural skin care products is inorganic and free from moisture. As such, mineral powders do not harbor bacteria, so no preservatives are added unlike the chemical makeup counterparts. Also, it is applicable to any kind of skin type and can be used in any kind of climate. Because it works well with humidity, your makeup does not get messy even when you sweat.

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