25 Skincare Tips for Body Odor Treatment

1: Body Odor Specifics

Body odor is brought about by bacteria that grow on the body. The bacteria causes the smell associated with body odor. As the body sweats, it triggers the growth of the bacteria. However, sweat alone has no offensive scent. Body odor may emanate from various parts of the body where bacteria grow. Body odor is generally associated with the armpit region of the body. Body odor can also come from the skin, breasts, hair and genitals.

2: Body Odor Distinctive Qualities

Body odor is different for every individual wherein each individual emits a unique scent. Identical twins are often known to discharge the same scent provided they live in identical environments. The body odor of a person can often be used to distinguish an individual from others. Dogs are particularly sensitive to the unique scents of each individual. A person’s body odor is affected by the kind of food and medications taken by an individual.

3: Body Odor ‘Fighters’

Body odor is more often associated with the armpits and many find it to be unpleasant smelling. Luckily there are various skincare products to help minimize or eliminate body odor. There are various deodorants and antiperspirants available on the market to help mask body odor. An anti-perspirant is designed to slow down and stop sweat that triggers the growth of bacteria. This bacteria cause’s body odor. A deodorant can eradicate or reduce the growth of bacteria.

4: Body Odor as Prompted by Health Conditions

Body odor is the repulsive smell that is given off by the body. Bacteria that grow on the skin of a person that mixes with sweat releases body odor. Most people emit body to a certain degree. However excessive body odor may be an indication of a more serious physical condition. It is best to seek medical assistance for severe body odor. A doctor will have to ask several questions to ascertain the cause of the body odor.

5: Body Odor from Food and Drinks

Body odor can also be the result of the type of food we eat and what we drink. Certain types of foods can cause body odor. Spices, garlic and onions can cause bad breath, which is also a form of body odor. Spicy foods can cause an individual to sweat more and as a result produce body odor. Hot drinks can make an individual’s sweat more and thus produce body odor. Drinking too much caffeine can also trigger body odor.

6: Body Odor Causes

Body odor can result from the intake of certain prescription drugs that an individual may take to treat various symptoms. A number of medicinal herbs can also trigger body odor. Body odor may also be the result of an individual’s bad habits like smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks.  Smoking tobacco particularly causes the body to produce a noticeable odor. When a person stops smoking the body odor will not fade away instantly. It will take some time before the odor is completely expelled from the system.

7: Body Odor Sources

Body odor may be a result of some serious physiological condition that may require medical attention. Certain physical conditions and infections left unchecked can result in body odor. Excessive sweating may be caused by liver disease, low blood sugar, parasites or even diabetes. Inborn metabolic dysfunctions can also result in body odor. Infections like open wounds that discharge pus also produce body odor. In addition, urinary tract infection and vaginal yeast infection also cause body odor.

8: Body Odor Is Caused By An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Body odor can be associated to how a person lives. A person who is under a great deal of emotional stress can have body odor. Extreme emotions like fear, anxiety or anger can set off body odor. It would be sensible to seek psychological support to help handle stress. A person with poor hygiene practices can also result in body odor. It is important to take a shower daily and to change clothes to avoid body odor.

9: Back Acne and Your Clothes

Back acne or ‘bacne’ can be caused by tight fitting clothes which does not allow the escape of perspiration from your skin. As such, it would be best to wear clothes that are not an ‘exact fit’ on your body but a bit loose if you are prone to bacne. If you are the outdoor or gym type (i.e., you always sweat), be sure to take a shower immediately after any workout and to use a loofah to exfoliate your skin.

10: Back Acne and Back Packs

Back acne or ‘bacne’ can be caused by the constant use of backpacks. This is because of the friction caused by the back pack on your back AND the sweat you release when climbing, hiking, or whatever endeavor you need a backpack for. If you are experiencing serious bacne, then give the backpack a rest and use a handheld bag for a few weeks. Be sure to cleanse your back often and apply an alpha  hydroxy lotion.

11: Body Odor In Society

Body odor is often frowned upon in society. A person’s relationship with other people can be put at risk because of body odor. Because of body odor a person may become too shy or embarrassed to approach other people for fear of disapproval. Body odor can also cause frustration or anger in a person. These varying emotions can lead to depression that may result to physical and mental illness. It can also aggravate existing medical conditions that cause body odor.

12: Body Odor is NOT Contagious

Body odor is not a virus by itself that can infect other people. Although body odor raises social concerns, a person cannot catch it from another person with body odor. However, the disease or infection that causes body odor in a person may be transmittable to other people. Such as skin infections or sexually transmitted diseases that are highly communicable. There are also cases wherein the children of a person with body odor can inherit the underlying medical conditions that cause it.

13: Body Odor Treatments

Body odor can be treated with proper hygiene and good eating habits. A daily shower with a soap can help get rid of offensive body odor. The daily application of a deodorant with antiperspirant can help put off sweating that encourages body odor. Eating a well-balanced meal is a great way to correct bad dietary habits that can cause body odor. Often the lack or excess of certain types of food can cause body odor.

14: Body Odor Remedies

Body odor caused by an underlying physical condition can be treated depending on the particular cause. A doctor can prescribe the necessary medication to any particular condition. A person suffering from an open wound will require antibiotics to combat any infection that may cause body odor. Cancer patients may either require surgery or chemotherapy treatments. Avoid taking certain foods along with   medications that can cause body odor. While people with deep mental problems should seek medical help regularly.

15: Body Odor Potential Consequences Of Treatment

Body odor treatments can have varied levels of results. Certain treatments used to counter body odor may produce certain side effects particular to an individual. The use of certain skincare products like deodorants and antiperspirants can cause skin irritations or allergies. Discontinue the use of skincare products that produce any adverse effects. Prescribed medications such as antibiotics may also bring about allergic reactions or  cause an upset stomach. Surgery for medical conditions that cause body odor also carries the risk of infection or bleeding.

16: Body Odor Treatment Maintenance

Body odor brought about by conventional causes can easily be treated with the use of various skincare products. These skincare products include soaps, deodorants and antiperspirants. However people suffering from body odor due to a medical condition will require continuous treatment. People with

diabetes, kidney or liver problems need to monitor the progress of the disease. Diabetics will need to test blood sugar levels regularly. Any negative or positive response to medication should be accounted for.

17: Body Odor Aggravated By Sweat

Body odor is greatly affected by the sweat produced by the body. Bacteria on the skin feed on the bodies sweat thus resulting in body odor. Sweat is the body’s way to cooling off. Rigorous exercise or a hot day can cause a body to sweat more than usual. Certain types of clothing materials can also make a person sweat more like artificial fabrics. It is best to wear clothes made from light fabrics like cotton.

18: Body Odor Underarm Potato Treatment

Body odor may also be treated using natural elements from nature. Certain people have been known to use vegetables to treat body odor in specific body parts. For people suffering from underarm odor, a potato may just do trick to eliminating the foul stench. Clean and cut a regular sized potato into 4

pieces. Wash and dry armpits before applying potato treatment. Wipe a potato slice several times onto each armpit then let dry. Afterwards, apply deodorant.

19: Body Odor Zinc Treatment

Body odor can be taken cared of using over the counter zinc tablets. People suffering from body odor are often zinc -deficient. Most people highly suggest taking zinc to help eliminate body odor for underarms and also for foot odor. Recommended dosage is two 50 mg of zinc tablets taken twice daily for at least a week. In cases of severe body odor the medication can be taken for another week, but lessen the dosage to one tablet daily until body odor disappears.

Tip 20: Body Odor Tomato Juice Therapy

Body odor treatments come in a variety of forms. Drinking tomato juice has been advertised as an effective treatment for body odor. Tomato juice contains salt that is said to help balance the skin’s ph level thereby reducing body odor. For the first week of treatment, a person with body odor is required to drink a 12-ounce can of tomato juice daily. For succeeding weeks, dosage can be reduced to one can every three days.

Tip 21: Body Odor Tendencies in Women

Body odor in women tends to be more pronounced during the menstrual period. Body odor also becomes more distinct at times when women experience stress. Mental and physical changes can cause unnecessary stress in women. During the menstrual period it is important to keep up personal hygiene and maintain good eating habits to prevent excessive body odor. It is also important to learn and practice relaxation techniques to help ease stress that can bring about body odor.

Tip 22: Body Odor – Over the Counter Treatments

Body odor over the counter treatments can be simple yet effective medication for body odor. The most common case of body odor, underarm odor, can be treated with a gentle mix of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water. This cheap yet effective treatment can be used to deal with underarm odor. Combine a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with a glass of water and use the solution to clean the underarm area. In cases of severe underarm odor the amount of hydrogen peroxide can be increased.

Tip 23: Body Odor Detoxification

Body odor detoxification programs can help cleanse the body of harmful toxins that cause body odor. Toxins are found everywhere in the environment and is easily absorbed by the body. Most of the time the organs of the body are unable to fully eliminate the toxins from the system. Too much toxins can affect major body organs like the intestines and liver resulting in body odor. A detoxification program can help get rid of impurities that can clog the kidney, liver and colon.

Tip 24: Body Odor – Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Body odor may result from the lack of vitamins and minerals that the body requires in order to function properly. Luckily there are various supplements for vitamins and minerals that can easily be taken to replenish these in the body. Check with the doctor regarding the dosage for different vitamins and minerals. Chlorophyll in liquid or tablet form is a wonderful natural deodorizer that can be taken

with every meal. Vitamin B works well with magnesium in reducing the emission of body odor.

Tip 25: Body Odor ‘ Folk’ Preparations

Body odor can be treated in a number ways. There are a number of popular folk remedies that have long been used by people as a natural treatment for body odor. Vinegar is a natural therapy for underarm body odor. Apply vinegar to the armpits using a cotton ball in place of deodorant. The smell of the vinegar disappears after a while leaving the underarms odor-free for the whole day. Vinegar lowers the skin’s ph level wherein bacteria cannot survive.

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