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15 Makeup Removal Proper Cleansing Habits

Tip 1:  Nail Care Concerns

Nail care products can often mislead people into thinking that these are miracle products that can solve all nail problems. There is a lot of debate regarding the use of nail hardeners. Though a nail hardener can be an effective solution to end nail breakage, splits and cracking, there are cases wherein the use of a nail hardener may cause more harm than good. The use of a nail hardener may result in dryer nails that are more prone to breakage.

Tip 2: Makeup Removal Tips

When it comes to makeup removal, it’s best to comb your hair away from your face first and then secure it with a headband or clip. You can also just pull it backwards and secure it with a ponytail. Start with your eyes. Moisten a ball of cotton with eye make-up remover and then delicately wipe your eye area. Use a new cotton ball and a good cleanser for the rest of your face.

Tip 3: Makeup Removal – Use the Right Cleanser

When it comes to makeup removal, ensure that you are using a cleanser that is suited to your skin type. This will prevent any allergic reactions from your skin or cause it to dry. Many people use ordinary soap to rid their faces of makeup but many are not equipped to thoroughly clean your skin of makeup. It would be wise to check the packaging of the cleanser or soap to see if it is suited for makeup removal.

Tip 4: Makeup Removal and Lukewarm Water

Did you know that when it comes to makeup removal, the best way to begin the procedure is to wash your face first with lukewarm water? Lukewarm water provides the best temperature for lathering up and breaking down make up on your face. So the next time you think you should just sit down and start cleansing your face, you should actually go to the bathroom or kitchen sink and splash your face first with lukewarm water.

Tip 5: Makeup Removal Proper Cleansing Habits

Apart from ensuring that you are using the right facial cleanser, the way you cleanse your face also aids (or deters) makeup removal. When using cleanser, put a pea-size amount on your hand and rub your hands together to make a rich lather before you put it on your face. Add water if the cleanser is too thick. Apply the lathered up cleanser on your face and then rub it gently over your entire face.

Tip 6: Makeup Removal Don’t Rush

The first step to good makeup removal habits is a good cleansing habit. Make a great lather of from your facial cleanser before you start cleansing your face. Apply the rich lather to your face and then take your time rubbing your face, concentrating on the areas where you have makeup on. Wash your face several times to ensure it is free of the cleanser and then pat your face dry. Don’t rub it dry so that your skin is not irritated.

Tip 7: Mayonnaise – Eye Makeup Remover

A lot of women are annoyed because removing eye makeup can be a tricky business. But did you know that there’s a great eye makeup remover lurking in your kitchen? Take a trip to your own refrigerator and bring out a jar of mayonnaise. Place some on a cotton ball and rub it against your eye lids (You can also use your hands!). To cleanse, just use another cotton ball dipped in water. Wipe your eyelids and you’re done!

Tip 8: Eye Brow Waxing Ouch!

Here’s a way to get rid of wayward eye brow hair, and it’s inexpensive too. Many women in Asia use thread, yes, simple thread, to strip’ unwanted hair on their face. Just get a string of cotton thread, twist it and pull it along the area of unwanted hair. Ouch! Make no mistake it IS a tad painful and it is best administered by somebody you trust as you can’t possibly do it yourself (not the first time anyway).

Tip 9: Upper Lip Hair Removal

Aren’t you just annoyed when you have upper lip hair! It sort of makes you less feminine doesn’t it? Well, fret no more because there are plenty of hair removal cosmetics out there in the market today. Just be sure to use one that is suited for facial hair removal. Follow the instructions carefully and NEVER rub your upper lip. Because of the string chemicals in the hair removal product you might end up scarring your skin!

Tip 10: Makeup Tip for Longer Lasting Lip Color

Who has the time to apply lipstick all day? Luckily, nowadays, there are plenty of cosmetics products for your lips that you need only apply once and forget about it. Still, to help these cosmetics stay longer on your lips here’s a tip – use a lip pencil to line your lips before you apply your lipstick. This will guide you when you put your lipstick and help the lipstick stay longer on your lips.

Tip 11: Lip Care – Achieve Fuller Lips with a Sponge

For those who have thin lips, it’s best if you first line your lips with a pencil and then put on lipstick. Use a special sponge applicator to blot the lipstick over your lips. Another trick is to use petroleum jelly or lip gloss. The added ‘shine’ will make your lips look fuller. If you want your lips to look sexier or fuller for a night’s out, dab lip gloss at the center of your upper lip.

Tip 12: Lip Care – Perfectly Shaped Lips

Not all females are created equal. If you have irregularly-shaped lips, balance it out using different shades of the same lipstick tube. Use the lighter lipstick color on the smaller-sized lip and a darker colored lipstick on the slightly larger lip. You can also use some eye shadow color to further camouflage’ your lips. It is also important to delicately rub a washcloth over your lips. This should be done before applying lipstick to smoothen out your lips.

Tip 13: Hiding Facial Blemishes

If you have facial blemishes and wish to hide them during the day (or night), use a small makeup brush. Dip the brush in your favorite long-lasting concealer or cream and dab it directly on the blemish on your face.Use your finger if necessary or dab another layer of concealer. If it becomes too thick or gooey’ on your face, then remove it and start all over. You wouldn’t want to go out with a big blob of concealer on your face!

Tip 14: Cosmetics Secrets Elongating a Flat Nose

Alas! Not all of us are blessed with a high, thin nose so thanks to some tricks of the trade and your favorite cosmetics. After putting your make up on, draw your eyebrow pencil across your finger and gently rub this along the sides of your nose to produce a darker effect on the sides of your nose. You may also dab some white eye shadow at the top of the bridge of your nose (between your eyes); just make sure it does not end up looking like a big white circle in the middle of your face.

Tip 15: Add a Touch of Rose on Your Cheeks

Nowadays, the more natural’ and sun-kissed’ you look, the better. Here’s a trick to get this look. Wash your face thoroughly to give it that fresh glow’ look. After putting on some loose powder on your face, take your favorite red, rose or pink lip gloss or lipstick and draw a line on your index finger. Rub your finger gently on your cheekbones to give it that rosy, sun-kissed look. Ensure that you don’t put too much color or it will look tacky and fake. The color you are aiming for is a hint of pink’ on your cheeks.

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