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12 Simple Ways to Lose Weight

People try hard to reduce weight which has created some misconceptions about weight loss. In fact, some impatient people indulge in laborious efforts to shed extra calories as soon as possible. They need to understand that losing weight is not a one day task and there is a subtle gap between hard efforts and smart plans. Your attempts to lose weight would never fail if you are implementing the accurate and simple weight loss plans. Here are some simple weight loss tips to shed weight effectively:

  1. Have a glass of water before meal

The straightforward way to eat less during meals is to drink one glass of water before each meal. You will have less space in your stomach after drinking water and your stomach will get full soon. Thus, you can reduce your per day calorie intake with consumption of water.

  1. Watch television during exercise

If you get tired even in short workout periods, then watching television during exercise would be beneficial for you. You can record your favorite TV shows or movies and then watch them during the workout. This way, your brain will engage in television and you will not feel fatigue soon.

  1. Stock protein rich food at home

When you consume protein with fibers in your meal, it keeps you full till your next meal and thus the chance of cravings and overeating decreases. You can easily get fibers through whole grains so keep a stock of protein-rich foods like low-fat yogurt, nuts, lean meat etc.

  1. Have sufficient sleep to avoid stress

Stress is one of the common factors responsible for overweight. In fact, stress is the root of many other diseases so you can understand the necessity to avoid stress. Inadequate sleep is the main cause behind stress, thus by having the proper sleep (6-8 hours daily) you can prevent stress and lose weight effectively.

  1. Know the exact way of dieting

Diet does not mean to leave food or lower the intake of food. Dieting simply means to consume all the necessary nutrients and micronutrients with an average amount of carbs and fats in your diet. If you are on a diet, eat healthy as per your body needs. A healthy diet consists of high fibers, protein, iron, vitamins, monounsaturated fats and other micronutrients.

  1. Workout in your preferred way

People join the gym and aerobic classes during their weight loss program but it does not mean that these are the only possible ways to workout. You can make your workout interesting by doing it in your own way. If you like dancing then set a routine for it and replace your workout with dance. Household work is another great alternative for the workout.

  1. Keep yourself engaged in creative activities

Stay busy in creative activities to prevent frequent cravings and emotional eating because both these things emerge from boredom and stress. Cravings are common when you are at work, so concentrate on your work and have green tea or dark chocolates as these stress-busting edibles also help in losing weight.

  1. Have iron-rich diet once in a day

You can get many advantages by the intake of iron in your diet because iron helps in transferring oxygen in blood and muscle vessels and it becomes easier to burn fat fast during workouts. Spinach, beans, shellfish and lean meat are the richest sources of iron.

  1. Set a proportion between vegetables and carbs

Think logically while serving food for yourself. During weight loss sessions, your body needs more nutrients and less carbs so set the proportion for ingredients in your plate. Keep 60% of vegetables and 40% of carbs in meals and if there are fiber-rich carbs (whole grains are rich in fiber) then keep a 50-50 ratio between carbs and vegetables.

  1. Decrease your calorie intake after lunch

After having lunch, lower your calorie intake because the metabolic rate decreases down with every passing hour of the day. Before lunch whatever you eat can get digested merely but the digestion process starts slowing down at noon. Have a cup of fresh green tea to control your cravings after mid-day meal.

  1. Choose your edibles smartly

Consuming healthy edibles in an appropriate way is as essential as daily nutrient intake. Have fresh fruits instead of drinking fruit juices because intake of fruits is more beneficial than juices. Similarly, choose plain coffee instead of cappuccino as cappuccino contains relatively more calories due to whipped cream and sugar tonics.

  1. Avoid as much white food as possible

White food such as white rice and white bread are the examples of simple carbohydrates which are responsible for a low metabolic rate and increased sugar levels and we all know that an increased sugar level means a package of diseases. Include brown bread and brown rice in your simple weight loss diet plan.

Do not rush for the bulk of tips and tricks when you can achieve a lean body by making slight changes in your daily routine.

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